Fondazione Filarete
Business accelerator for the development of biotechnology research

The Business Accelerator offers R&D, scientific, financial and for incubation services.


State-of-the-art on research facilities and expertise.

Interlinked network of complementary scientific expertise providing the optimal conditions for the transition from research to innovation.

A network of competencies, specializations and business development activities that generates a fertile ecosystem for the development start-ups.

Fondazione Filarete was born in 2008 as a public-private partnership to play a leading role in innovation and entrepreneurship in the fields of Life Sciences, Biotechnology and Health.
Fondazione Filarete promotes and integrates itself with a network of companies, researchers and institutions operating in the fields of life sciences and health in order to:

  • Accelerate the time to market of academic research through effective technology transfer processes;
  • Encourage the creation of new companies based on research results supporting them in their early stages and in business development;
  • Support the innovation processes of SMEs through value-added services and technology and knowledge transfer;
  • Develop partnerships and networks with scientific and clinical research institutes in Italy and abroad.
21/10/2014 16.55.46
The program of the StartCupML 2014's final. Registration here: 
20/10/2014 13.49.26
Course Objectives: This is a course for users of Leica confocal microscopes, which combines theoretical and practical sessions to provide the basic...
13/10/2014 18.43.44
It is dedicated to innovators in ophthalmology, the first edition of the Applico Award, total amout: 150.000 Euro. Startup, individual or team with...
27/06/2014 15.21.41
After the success of the first edition, won by CharityStars which was awarded on the stage of Villa Contessa Rosa, at Serralunga d'Alba, the second...
09/06/2014 12.30.47
On June,11 at Fondazione Filarete the lawyer Messuti and dr.Long will address the main legal and patent aspects for startups and innovative...