Fondazione Filarete
Business accelerator in biomaterials, healthcare and advanced technology

The Business Accelerator offers R&D, scientific, financial and for incubation services.


Interlinked network of complementary scientific expertise providing the optimal conditions for the transition from research to innovation.

A network of competencies, specializations and business development activities that generates a fertile ecosystem for the development start-ups.

Fondazione Filarete is a centre of excellence founded by the University of Milan, together with Fondazione Cariplo, Intesa Sanpaolo and Chamber of Commerce of Milan (co-founding Member) with the purpose to transfer knowledge and technologies from academia to the market and to support the creation of technological and innovative startups.

Incubatore Certificato in accordance with Decree 179/2012.

11/04/2016 12.32.03
WellCare presents the second edition of the StartUp Village with 17 innovative projects for the health and the pharmaceutical marketing. For the...
25/03/2016 10.18.13
BIOVISION 2016 will be held, on April 13 & 14, in Lyon – France featuring the 4th edition of Catalyzer and Investor...
25/03/2016 10.09.03
Epigenetics and lifestyle to prevent obesity, sarcopenia and failure in the elderly. Open the selection for a research grant UNIMI Type-A for two...
17/03/2016 10.56.19
On March 31 close the registration to Lifebility Award, a national competition for young students between 18 and 30 years. The award was created...
02/03/2016 17.05.46
Filarete Servizi and Impact Lab present: 1st Information Day on Diagnostic Services to support the Oncologist Milano, March 4 2016 in Fondazione...